Top 10 Beauty Tips for Women Over


To be beautiful at any age is what each of you desires all their lives, even if you are a little girl who dreams of becoming a beautiful woman one day! But you probably know that you have to work hard and invest in your beauty to get the results you want!

There are a few rules to include in your beauty routine when you are 20, 30 and 40! The rules are different for each age group, but everything changes after the birth of a baby! You should know that your thirties is the critical age when you have to take care of your skin more than before!

That’s why we’ve put together ten beauty tips for all women around the world who are over 30! Scroll down and read our list carefully! Include all the rules and stop worrying about your skin because you will have a gorgeous and glowing complexion no matter what!

1. Cleanse your face twice a night

We know you already know that you need to clean your face in the morning and at night before bed. But in fact, you can wash it twice a night because the first time you wash off your makeup and the second time you wash away dirt and pollutants leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated!

2. Use a night cream

If you are in your 30s, using a night cream is a must as it is the only way to avoid fine lines and wrinkles, or to prolong this normal process that everyone goes through sooner or later!

3. Shape your eyebrows

Perfectly sculpted eyebrows with a natural look are all you need at any age … your 20s, 30s and 40s! Do not pluck your eyebrows. Follow the scheme in the image above!

4. Contour your face

Contouring the face is a technique that will make your face look slimmer, slimmer and even younger! Get that youthful look and contour your face for any occasion!

5. Get a monthly facial

Once a month, visit a beauty salon and perform the treatments that remove all the dead cells from your skin while keeping your face fresh and glowing! Include this habit in your monthly routine and avoid getting old on time! Microdermabrasion will do wonders for your skin and your younger appearance!

6. Consider professional whitening

After 30 years, teeth tend to take on a yellow color that doesn’t look good and adds age to your face! This can be done by consuming a lot of coffee, wine, and cigarettes! Fortunately, professional whitening can fix this process and make your teeth whiter instantly!

7. Use a bronzer

Dozens of tans and sun-kissed skin are the keys to looking younger! Apply bronzer to your cheeks and look better in just a few steps! Be careful not to over-polish your face as you will add sides!

8. Mark your front bones

Use a shiny highlighter or white eyeshadow to highlight the bones of your forehead and brighten the entire area around your eyes! This is the method that makes your eyes even more beautiful and more alert at the same time! Try it out and see the difference. You will quickly become obsessed with it!

9. Apply caffeine eye cream

Eye cream has many benefits for your skin and as you already know it can help you avoid fine lines and wrinkles in the most critical part of your face! However, using a caffeine eye cream will not only prevent the signs of aging but also eliminate dark circles. Invest in a quality cream; Is it worth it!

10. Eat well and drink 1.5 liters of water every day.

It’s the phrase you’ve heard from the start, but it can definitely make a huge difference to your beauty! The key to success is eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, less meat, and drinking plenty of fresh, pure water throughout the day! You will feel better and look better!


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